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  • AP底妝化妝掃套裝 | The AP Face Edit Brush Set
  • AP底妝化妝掃套裝 | The AP Face Edit Brush Set
  • AP底妝化妝掃套裝 | The AP Face Edit Brush Set
  • AP底妝化妝掃套裝 | The AP Face Edit Brush Set

Alima Pure

AP底妝化妝掃套裝 | The AP Face Edit Brush Set

$718.00 $896.00


The AP Brush Collection features high-performance custom tools made with luxurious synthetic bristles and durable, sleek black handles. These expert tools are perfect for buildable, even coverage and precise application. Duo-color taklon bristles show you exactly how much powder you have picked up, allowing you to control the intensity of your application, and indicate when it’s time for a wash. Our brushes are 100% cruelty free and crafted to last. Each AP Brush comes in a branded Alima Pure box crafted from beautiful, eco-friendly soy-based inks and 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

Alima Pure 最新系列的化妝掃貫徹以非動物毛髮製造,全新光滑的黑色手柄配合高性能及各種獨特的刷頭設計,專業級的化妝掃系列,讓你更隨心所欲的畫出完美妝容。
AP 化妝掃亦以保護生態環境為本,包裝物料均使用環保油墨以及100%再生紙

一套三支 | 塑造完美底妝及定妝 

1. AP Collection | Flat Top Brush 平頭掃

The Flat Top Brush's densely packed bristles offer medium-to-full coverage and sculpting.
Evenly builds fuller foundation coverage of your Satin Matte Foundation or Pressed Foundation with Rosehip Antioxidant Complex. Use it to sculpt and define your features with Contour Powder.
刷毛比一般粉底掃更加密集,平頭刷毛的設計,讓接觸面提高,有效打造高遮瑕效果以及柔滑感覺的妝感。 適合配合礦物粉底使用。

Information 產品資料:
-Bristles: 100% cruelty-free Taklon fiber 
-Measures: 4.75" with 0.75" bristles.
-刷毛: 100% 不使用動物毛髮,植物纖維製造  
-尺寸: 總長度4.75" ( 刷毛 0.75")

Use With 適合產品 :
-Satin Matte Foundation  啞緻礦物粉
-Pressed Foundation with Rosehip Antioxidant Complex  抗氧化礦物粉餅

2. AP Collection | Foundation Brush 粉底掃

The Alima Pure staple brush for expertly blended coverage and a polished finish.
Silky Taklon bristles blend your best match of foundation for light to medium buildable coverage.

打造輕滑、透薄並具有一定的遮瑕度妝感。 柔軟而濃密刷毛抓粉能力強,適合配合礦物粉底使用。

Information 產品資料:
-Bristles: 100% cruelty-free Taklon fiber 
-Measures: 5.5" brush with 1.25" bristles.
-刷毛: 100% 不使用動物毛髮,植物纖維製造  
-尺寸: 總長度5.5" ( 刷毛 1.25")

Use With 適合產品 :
-Satin Matte Foundation  啞緻礦物粉
-Pressed Foundation with Rosehip Antioxidant Complex  抗氧化礦物粉餅
-Balancing Primer Powder  平衡控油粉底
-Color Balancing Powder  調色粉
-Satin Finishing Powder   啞緻定妝蜜粉
-Radiant Finishing Powder  自然光感定妝蜜粉

3. AP Collection | Soft Focus Brush 柔焦掃

Featuring velvety duo-fiber bristles, the Soft Focus brush is the essential tool for sheer application.
Duo-fiber bristles are designed for diffused color blending. Pairs with Satin Matte Blush, Luminous Shimmer Blush, Bronzer, Radiant Finishing Powder and Satin Finishing Powder.
適合: 定妝蜜粉、Highlighter 、啞緻胭脂、亮澤胭脂及修容粉等…

Information 產品資料:
-Bristles: 100% cruelty-free Taklon fiber 
-Measures:  6" with 1.5" bristles.
-刷毛: 100% 不使用動物毛髮,植物纖維製造  
-尺寸: 總長度 6" ( 刷毛 1.5" )

Use With 適合產品 :
-Satin Matte Blush  啞緻胭脂
-Luminous Shimmer Blush  亮澤胭脂
-Bronzer  修容粉
-Highlighter  明亮粉
-Satin Finishing Powder  啞緻定妝蜜粉
-Radiant Finishing Powder  自然光感定妝蜜粉


1.Dampen bristles with warm water, and lather gently with mild soap or shampoo. 
2.Protect your brush by holding the bristles down - water in the ferrule may damage your brush.
3.Rinse under warm running water until the water runs clear and soap is thoroughly removed.
4.Blot the brush well with a clean dry cloth and gently reshape.
5.Allow your brush to air-dry flat.
Please protect your brushes from heat sources such as hair dryers, which may damage the bristles. They are synthetic and sensitive to heat.

- 正確清洗Alima Pure化妝掃 -

1. 準備毛巾及碗,將少量(約HK$1 大小)的洗髮露 / 沐浴乳 / 洗手液 混和暖水,確保洗髮露完全混和及起泡。 
2. 將化妝掃輕輕在碗底打圈約30 秒,再把化妝掃在皂水中泡5 至10 秒。
3. 以清水將化妝掃沖洗乾淨,同時可輕力按壓掃毛。 
4. 用毛巾將水分吸走,同時可用手將化妝掃整理回原本的形狀。 
5. 切忌將化妝掃倒轉晾乾,可平放,或將掃頭向下夾在衣架上自然風乾。


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